We’re so thrilled to partner with Christian’s Actively Demolishing Exploitation: CADE

Founder, Peggy Stapleton, is walking a huge God vision. Please be in prayer as she moves forward to secure property for the restoration & rehabilitation of minor victims of human trafficking.

Peggy’s personal message:

CADE – Christians Actively Demolishing Exploitation was formed out of a Vision from God to stop human trafficking in our own backyard. When I learned of the reality of the travesty of girls as young 12- 14 years old being sold on the streets of the Inland Empire I could not close my eyes or turn my back. I went right to the source the District Attorney, the Police department to educate myself and learn. I was told that they were no safe houses for the girls and was asked to bring the Faith Based community together to make a difference. So that’s what I did… I prayed and asked for God direction. Through the encouragement of many and the idea of a Pastor, CADE was born.

CADE’s purpose is to bring the body of Christ together to come along side ministries that are fighting the travesty of Children being sold in America. To bring connections, resources, volunteers, financials Long term homes whatever it takes to bring hope a purpose and a future to Gods kids.