Women World Changers has decided to come alongside an organization that is working with those that truly make-up the fabric of our nation. Angels Of America’s Fallen is a group that, just like us, sees a great responsibility to help children. Their Mission is o help children of our fallen military and first responders develop into strong and successful adults by providing them positive mentoring and developmental activities when they are at their most crucial developmental phase of life.

Their Vision is to walk alongside the children of our fallen when they need it most, while they are developing, regardless of the cause of their parent’s death. Many children fail to qualify for benefits, and fall through the cracks because of their parent’s cause of death or unit of assignment. Each child suffers regardless if mom or dad died in a combat zone, training accident, on the job illness, or from suicide as a result of the stress of their jobs. From the child’s perspective, the impact is the same, mom or dad is no longer there. No one can ever replace their lost parent, but we can be there for them.

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