The modern world we live in today is a diverse and sometimes unjust place. Horrors like human trafficking and starving orphans are happening around the world and even in our own backyard every day. This global phenomenon has reached all corners of the earth, spreading like wild fire in places such as India, Thailand and Nepal. One good thing that has come from this flagrant offense is the mass media attention it has gotten in the past decade. With more information available than ever before, people are rising up to provide justice and a means of relief to human trafficking and abandoned children. One organization called Women World Changers, is accomplishing just that. Starting with a small group of women that wanted to make a difference, they sat down for lunch with the topic of human trafficking in mind and came to the conclusion that they had to do something about it. “We talked for about six hours” says Donna Joiner, one of five founders of WWC, “We shared our grief over the reality of human trafficking and together that grief turned into a myriad of solutions. We decided right then to form a group of women to impact the world in a positive way.”

This organization has made it their mission to come together as a group of women and be the hands and feet of Jesus. In 2013 Women World Changers accumulated $218,260, which they donated to over 14 different organizations in medical, educational, and practical fields. They have used their proceeds to make a tangible difference on an economical and global standpoint, impacting America and other nations such as Honduras, Israel, India and Nepal. One founder, Jax Farmer, has not only influenced the community with Women World Changers local projects, but has grown from the experience as well. “I am looking back at just a year ago to how naïve I was to the understanding that several girls in my local US city are missing and are now victims of human trafficking. It just show’s us how hard organizations like WWC and others are working to bringing this evil into the light.”

They stand by Deuteronomy 1:11 “May the Lord, the God of your fathers, increase you a thousand times and bless you, as He has promised!” By bringing a thousand women together donating a thousand dollars a year, they are able to donate one million dollars a year. To reach this goal, they are hosting a Women’s Conference May 23-24 at The Angelus Temple, at 1100 Glendale Blvd. in Los Angeles. This Faith to Action Conference sells at only $49 for the two day event, and will give you the chance to meet the five founding women Sue Younger, Donna Joiner, Cathy Marchesani, Stacia Cox, and Jax Farmer. There will be 13 speakers, including key ministry leaders like Caroline Barnett, Dominic Russo and Heather Johnston, as well as other guest speakers. Co-founder Cathy Marchesani knows the impact this event will give women in their spiritual lives. “At the women’s event, women will be set free from their wounds. They will have the opportunity to be transformed into the women God has called them to become. By the end, they will be equipped and prepared to live out their divine purpose, all the while getting to hear from some amazing ministry leaders!” This conference is an opportunity to get involved in the community of nonprofit work, and be apart of something bigger than yourself. At the same time you will be expanding your mind to what is happening on a worldwide scale, and what organizations like Women World Changers are doing to impact them for the better. Contact them through their website to book your reservation today, and take the first step in making a worldwide impact in you and your community’s lives that will last forever.

Kelli Younger