We are currently working on raising funds for three orphanages, and one water well.

Monies donated can either be given generally and then will be split among the three homes, or can be given specifically to the home of your choice or the water well. Once the three homes have been fully funded, we will complete funding of the water well.

Each home will be in India and each are being built through Angel House Rescue Orphanage.

Angel House offers an opportunity to build a home in honor of a loved one. We have three people being remembered in the three orphanages.

The three (2) in no particular order are

  1. Billy’s Hope (25 children home)
  2. Brittan’s House (25 children home)
  3. Kelli’s House (12 children home)  Completed 7/24/12!!!
  • A new home for 12 orphans: Cost $12,500
  • A new home for 25 orphans: Cost $25,000
  • A new home for 50 orphans: Cost $40,000
  • Sponsor a new fresh water well: Cost: $2,500

Half of the monies must be raised before construction begins.

You can donate via credit card or electronic check by using the ‘Donate Now’ button

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And let us know you’re on board by emailing


Each person spearheading the fundraising for each home has written a personal letter:

Billy’s Hope

Dear Friends and Family,

It is hard to believe that it’s been almost 7 years since Bill “Billy” Paxton went home to be with the Lord.   We all miss him so much and he is forever in our hearts.  It has always been our family’s desire to do something to honor his life and we just recently came across an amazing way to carry on what meant so much to him. 

As you know, Bill had a pure heart to serve God and bless children.   We recently became connected with an organization called Angel House led by Lindsay and Dominic Russo.  We were so touched and moved by their commitment to make a life-changing difference in the lives of children.  Angel House builds orphanages in India for children that are currently living on the streets with no food, education or protection.  We thought how wonderful it would be to build an orphanage honoring Bill and appropriately name it, “Billy’s Hope”.  The orphanage would rescue 50 children from their “street” life and offer them not only hope for the future but shelter, food, education, and a safe living environment for the present.

At this time, we are offering you the opportunity to join with us and become part of this meaningful mission; rescuing children from the dangers of poverty, abandonment, child labor, and human trafficking.   Once we are able to raise $20,000, we can begin building Billy’s Hope as well as a new life for these children that are so in need.  We are well on our way, but need your support.   Every dollar counts.  Our goal is to start building by the end of June.  The total cost for the orphanage is $40,000 and we plan to have it completed by December of 2012.   We ask for your prayers as this project moves forward.

Thank you for your support,

Cathy Marchesani and the Paxton Family


Brittan’s House

 Dear friends and family,

       I would like to share something with you that the Lord has put on my  heart.  A few months ago I was privileged to meet an awesome couple  who’ve been opening orphanages in India for the last few years with an  organization named Angel House. After hearing their story and how God  was using them I became very passionate about helping.

       Right now there are 25 million children in India who have been  abandoned.  Many of them have little or no food, no permanent structure  for living, and no one to look after them. Angel House was started to  change that, they are bringing these kids from the slums to safety. They provide the children with plenty of food each day, a safe and  comfortable place to sleep, and a first rate education taught by people  who love them and want to make a difference in their life. Did you know that homeless children in India aren’t allowed to attend public school? I believe every child deserves a chance to get an education and a safe place to call home.

      Since  2010 Angel House has opened 12 fully functioning rescue homes (orphanages) and their  goal is to build 10 each year.  There is a great need for a rescue  home in Kolkata (Calcutta) and my goal is to fulfill that need by opening a home for 25  kids in December 2012.  Our family is planning on going on a  mission trip there with Angel House in December for the opening.  We  would love it if any of you would like to join us!

       Most importantly, I’m writing to ask for your prayers for this project. This will not happen without God’s blessing and provision.  By giving you’re participating in something remarkable in which hundreds of children will  be rescued from the dangers of poverty, abandonment, child labor, and  human trafficking.

Thank you all for your prayers in advance for this endeavor.  I am so excited to see what God’s going to do through all of us!! Blessings to you and your family,

Stacia Cox