I am so blessed and honored to serve with these amazing, passionate women of God. After raising three God honoring children, I was praying and fasting for God to use me more for his kingdom. I always had a tug to do more, but didn’t know how, or what to do. Being invited to a women’s conference, God brought a group of women together with a heart to give and serve. We talked about raising money for a safe home, and we thought, this would be so incredible if we could pool our resources, time and energy, to take care of those in need. We built our first safe home together, and Women World Changers was birthed. The power of several women coming together is having such a positive impact on the world around us. Women World Changers has been the most incredible, life giving adventure, and I am so thankful for all of these sisters in Christ. You have blessed my soul. God’s call is to be a light to the world. James 1:27 encapsulates this.