“What is the fruit of your life?” The metaphor of bearing fruit is used often throughout the Bible but one day in my quiet prayer time, I heard this question in my heart. Immediately my roles as a happy wife, engaged mom, business leader, tither, and friend came to mind… BUT that was not the fruit GOD was talking about. Then I remembered Matthew 9:37 “Then HE said to his disciples, The Harvest is plentiful but the workers are few”.  Suddenly a dream was born in me to multiply Leadership to serve God for the things that break HIS heart …like the hungry, the hurting and the hopeless. Within the next few months God used my current business relationships to draw me closer to a group of Women who God was also birthing World Changing Dreams in. 

After we helped open the first safe house, our vision grew as we were introduced to more & more ministries that we just fell in love with.  I never knew that in my life I could be a part of something as exciting as Women World Changers. I am truly transformed from seeing prayers being answered and from watching the WWC’s team grow with more women and men too. GOD is multiplying us by adding each new woman’s dream to the team’s.  We have much work to do.. so as the Lord said “the harvest is ready and together so are we!!!”