In August of 2012, I listened in on my 1st Women World Changes conference call and was literally shaken to the core.  I heard a woman named Peggy, talking about human trafficking and slavery of young girls. She spoke about talking to and praying with a 14 year old girl on a street corner in San Bernardino, California who was being bought and sold for sex just a few blocks from where Peggy lived.  This 14 year old girl was terrified and couldn’t talk long because her ‘owner’ was watching her.

After the call I literally sat at my desk sobbing – my heart breaking for this 14 year old girl.  I remember asking God how is this even possible that this evil exists in North America. After spending hours that afternoon and into the evening, researching human trafficking on the internet, I found that not only did it exist in Canada but that it was happening right in our own backyard just like Peggy’s.

After talking with my sisters and a few of my dearest friends, we decided we didn’t know how WWC would work in Canada but we knew we had to get involved,  we couldn’t just sit by and do nothing.

I remember feeling on my own I can do very little, but now, with a mighty group of women warriors who love Jesus, coming together, with Him at the helm leading and guiding our footsteps …anything is possible.  We could and would change the world. I am so blessed & thankful to be in ministry with these amazing women of God, and excited for all that He has planned to do in and through us.