We completed raising the funds for our first Women World Changers project!

Praise God! On April 25, 2012 the last check was sent out to bring the total to the needed $40,000 to finish the construction and furnishing for a safe home for victims of human trafficking.

It was a very gratifying moment to know that we were making a difference in 50 women’s lives. Our prayer is that the Lord will begin to heal their wounded hearts and that He will bathe their lives with His amazing love.

While at their new home they will be given personalized counseling, job training and an education. They are welcome there for as long as it takes them to fully heal. This is a new beginning for these girls. Please keep them covered in your prayers.

Several of us at WWC will be going to India December 2012 to meet these women. We are so excited to meet them, pray with them and just shower them with love.

Many thanks to all of you that have donated to make this safe home a reality!