3/20/14 @ 9am PST

 We are excited for you to be able to hear from Aubrey Terry, Founder Unlock Freedom, and Host of a weekly radio show on milehiradio.com  called, “Voices of Freedom Radio”

Terry is driven to work very hard at spreading awareness and provide needed help to victims of human trafficking. For her it’s personal. She experienced it first hand.

“I was born into severe sexual and physical abuse and neglect,” Terry said. “I understood the pain of addictions, and the reality of violence. I lost my spirit in being trafficked myself, and then realized the horror of watching my sister be recruited a year later and lose her battle of fighting back.”

Terry said she should have been “consumed in my own addiction, in jail or completely bitter and angry. Yet, I am not.”

The reason she said, is equally simple: her relationship with God.

“He has allowed me to heal from my past and solidify my voice and my purpose,” she said. “God chose me, in all my pain, to show me love. In all my sin and chaos he wanted me to know forgiveness and peace. For these reasons, I don’t take my time or my relationships for granted.”

Call in to not only hear her compelling story, but what we can do to eradicate this horrible crime.