$1,000,000 Impact

We asked ourselves how can we break this cycle entirely and completely abolish this evil together. We partnered with multiple organizations and asked what would $100,000 do? What impact can we make? We chose the organizations based on three things RESCUE, RECOVERY and PREVENTION. This is what we can do together through this campaign.


“This would equate to 10 traffickers being arrested and their 30-40 victims being set free”

– Deliver Fund

“$37.50 will save one girl at one border station from being trafficked to India. There are 3 border stations manned, so $112.50 will save one girl at each border station and there are over 800 girls rescued at each border station every year or $90,000”

– Angel House

“This would give us the ability to increase our presence on the streets by adding more teams available to those vulnerable on our outreaches. We also want to provide a “drop in center” so that the women can have a place of safety while on the streets. This would provide a place of rest, refuge and a friendly face while available 24/7 with a drink, some snacks, clothing, hygiene and a friendly conversation to build trust. From there we will get the victim the services they need by providing detox if necessary, trauma care and safe housing. Currently there are no safe homes in Pima County. This would be the first thing we would do by renting a home and using the other money to go directly to the victims services. Housing, healthy meals, clothing, hygiene and the counseling needed to overcome the trauma these victims have experienced for the long-term.”

– Dream Center AZ

‘We are a church committed to infusing the love of Jesus into the inner-city. Currently, we have four Transformation Homes working towards that mission:

1. A Women’s Transformation Home
2. A Women’s & Children’s Transformation Home
3. A Men’s Transformation Home
4. A home for those aging out of the Foster Care System.

The purpose of these Transformation Home’s is to rescue and protect people from the streets and share the love of Jesus.
The homes offer one-year programs that reman flexible in time, to meet the individual needs of the person.
At any of the homes, the individual is met with the love of Jesus through caring for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of each person.

– The Way World Outreach


“With this money we can expand our mentorship program that provides; Staff, Mental Health Therapy, Relationship Building Activities, Groceries, Clothing, Hygiene, Emergency Expenses, RentAssistance,Transportation, Vehicle Repair”

 – Restore Innocence

“This would go towards establishing and opening our Foster Care system and education system for girls who’ve been rescued from trafficking and placing them with families we vet and train.”

– Saving Innocence

“The use of our service is escalating. The $100,000 we receive from you would be used towards the hiring of an Executive Director to run the operations of BridgeNorth. This is an urgent need. With a new Executive Director in place, I would have the time and resources to build out our most requested service, our peer mentorship program while continuing to provide advocacy leadership to legislators across Canada. We are currently serving 22 survivors and are having to turn away new referrals.”

-Bridge North

“This will help to enroll 36 HIV positive mothers living in extreme poverty into the Women Equality Empowerment Project (WEEP). Each mother’s health will be stabilized, she will gain income-generating skills, her children will be enrolled in school. WEEP’s primary goal is to keep HIV positive mothers alive and self-supported, enabling them to take care of their children and households. The program has three phases spanning 18-24 months: Stabilization, Skills Development, and Sustainability. We will provide shelter, food/nutrition, spiritual/psychosocial, education, and health support. The Stabilization phase is pivotal to our women to ensure they have access to their medications, nutrition, shelter, and help to get their children back in school. During Skills Development, mothers are taught income generating and business skills. During the Sustainability phase, HEART empowers mothers through intensive training and engagement in a vibrant internal savings and lending enterprise.”



“Education and training to identify trafficking situations and successful distribution models. An example from our TAT (truckers against trafficking) 2,250+ calls made, 612 human trafficking cases identified, involving 1,133 trafficking victims.”

– iEmphathize

“This would help accomplish extending professional seminars throughout South Africa for pastors, educators and community professionals to recognize, safely intervene and care for orphans who are vulnerable to sex trafficking. It’ll help with our Awareness Camp for 100+ high school aged orphans to promote spiritual growth, discuss sex and learn practical skills such as self-defense and cyber safety. It’ll help with our community wide campaign to raise awareness of sex trafficking through education programs at school assemblies, church meetings, rallies, media programs etc. And finally it will help with the counseling and academic support services for girls in our safe home.”

– KERUS Global