Angelina’s Love

Thank you for joining forces with Women World Changers and Sabina McWhinney to fund a home for children in desperate need. This home, filled with love, comes with it’s own water well. We are thrilled and grateful that you are willing to give of your time and resources and join us in our common goal of making a tangible difference in the physical, emotional, and spiritual lives of women and children.

Your efforts help to bring abandoned children from the slum to safety and into the loving arms of caretakers that will educate, love and raise them to become future leaders in their generation.

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Letter from Sabina

After watching the video of the children at Billy’s Hope Angel House Orphanage I could not stop seeing the beautiful faces of these wonderful little children. Their smiles could light up the universe, their eyes so full of joy – passed pain and hope. The thought of these little children living on the streets without shelter, food, protection or love breaks my heart. How can that be? I knew in that moment that God wants me to build another orphanage. When I reached out to Cathy Marchesani; Co-Founder of Women World Changers & Lyndsay Russo; Founder of Angel House Rescue Orphanage, doors just started opening.

It is in the moment of darkness & sadness that we rise to create Love and Light. It is time now that we stand for those who cannot stand for themselves. It is now that we can make a difference, not tomorrow – not for some other cause. What greater cause is there than the beautiful spirit of a child.

I am dedicating “Angelina’s Love Angel House Orphanage” to my daughter Angelina Christina. Her name means “Little Angel of God” how fitting for these children. Angelina is a registered nurse in Chicago where she is saving and impacting lives every day. There is no greater power than Love. With love we are unstoppable. Let’s build this orphanage one donation at a time!

Sabina McWhinney